RICOMU op area
Dennis/KB1BCT and Regina/KB1BCU working some 40M SSB on HF 2
Gil/K1GDW was our chef for Field Day….breakfast on Sunday morning
Brandon/N1QMI (L) and Dennis/KB1BCT (R) going over the finer points of a simple dipole
Keith/W1KRB working the 6/2M station with the “Big Board” overhead
A view of the “Big Board”….N3FJP Field Day logging program networked the 3 stations…..Thanks Scott!!!
Dennis/KB1BCT (sitting), Gil/WA1LAD (headphones) and Brandon/N1QMI chatting about the virtues of operating CW
FD2022 antenna farm…2 HF tri-band beams, 6 meter beam, 2 meter beam, DX-CC dipole and our mesh node antenna
Danny/KB1SLA running 6 meter FT8
Scott/KC1NFS getting op pointers from Dennis/KB1BCT
And………Pluto also stopped by