WA1USA Repeaters

Coventry WA1USA/R 145.210 PL 192.8 negative offset

Foster WA1USA/R 444.500 PL 74.4 positive offset

Providence WA1USA/R 448.925 PL 88.5 negative offset

Burrillville WA1USA/R 444.750 PL 74.4 positive offset UNDER CONSTRUCTION

All WA1USA repeaters are Yaesu System Fusion and operate in dual mode (analog or digital) and are open for all licensed amateurs to use.

WA1USA/RICOMU also offers VE test sessions. Check back for the next scheduled dates.

Our club runs and maintains the WA1LAD/B 10 meter beacon on 28.217.7 Mhz. Let us know when you hear it !

WA1USA holds 10-10 International Net member number 72919.

Some organizations our members are also members of: ARRL, 10-10 International Net, PODXS, Feld Hell Club, 100 Watts and A Wire, SMIRK and SKCC.

Under constant construction. Some members are particularly shy.